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Ensemble M’chaiya (tm)


A life-giving pleasure: quality music at reasonable prices


Trad Roots and Gypsy Beats
to move your heart and feet


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With uplifting energy that puts your soul in touch with your soles, Chicagoland’s first revival Klezmer band gets everyone’s heart and feet dancing to Klezmer tunes set to Gypsy grooves, rhythmic Sephardic and swinging Yiddish songs, and energetic Israeli dance tunes. To make sure you are on the right foot, the band will teach and lead you through the fun yet simple line and circle traditional dances. Upon request, Big Band songs and World Music styles related to Klezmer are also available as are acoustic 50s-style rock, early Beatles songs.


Want quiet ceremony music or mood-setting cocktail music? We are happy to play it your way!




We fit the band’s size to your budget, needs, and interests.

“Your music filled the room with warmth and joy. The musical quality was outstanding and yet did not drown out the conversation and family atmosphere for which we had hoped. I especially want to commend you for how easy it was to work with you. You spent the rime to understand what we wanted … Your flexibility to improvise in key situations really provided us with quality transitions and a highly successful event … You’ve got something very special there … ” — Earon S. Davis




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“We enjoyed singing with you and dancing to your music … M’chaiya is outstanding … Your responsiveness to our advance requests was a large factor in the success of Aryeh’s party.” — Charles Primas


Our best day ever


“… thank you so much for helping make our wedding our best day ever! … I really, really appreciate you making it happen and going with the flow throughout the whole process.” — Jen Kouba




“…excellent. Professional, easy to work with and enjoyed by all.” — Lesa Ukman


Dancing with your hands


The Ensemble M’chaiya brings percussion and encourages the audience to join with the band in the music making. Sing-a-longs to favorite songs, like the Yiddish-lyric swing hit Bei Mir Bistu Schein, are a fun option.


Unique instrumentation


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This acoustic band has a distinctive sound to match its eclectic repertoire and may be the only Klezmer band in the world using the highly expressive end-blown Bulgarian Flute as a main instrument alongside a Mandolin, Violin, Guitar, and various types of percussion. Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, French, Turkish (!) and English lyrics, sung in two-and three-part harmonies, complement the instrumental pieces.


And that’s just the core trio! Acoustic bassist and other additional instrumentalists can be added. From a duet up to five pieces, you get the right size band for your interests and budget!


When requested, male-only vocals are offered.



Klezmer for the world


Call for details (847) 864–1022 between 10 AM and 10 PM C.S.T.

Whether in America, Canada, or Europe, whether on a major festival stage or in a home for an intimate private party (as well as anything in between), the Ensemble M’chaiya gives substance to the meaning of its name, a ”life giving pleasure”, by paying attention to you.


… You’ve got something very special there … I am left with the sense that not only do you love the music — but you understand it and respect it. What a M’chaiya!” — Earon S. Davis


We’re ready to be a m’chaiya for you!



Image of Ensemble M’chaiya as a trio

“It was great! M’chaiya added a wonderful Jewish element … inspiring Jewish music!” — S. Hartman, Jewish United Fund


Image of Mayor Daley’ 2003 Klezmer Day Proclamation honoring Ensemble M’chaiya and Terran Doehrer.


Mayor Daley’ 2003 Klezmer Day Proclamation honoring Ensemble M’chaiya and Terran Doehrer.


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